Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice drive Carpool Health.  Built around diseases, diagnosis, specialty, solutions, provider and patient leaders bring together groups of people who care about the same issues and are seeking to build solutions for common goals.  Each group is empowered to share relevant information, build trusted communities, and recommend resources of direct interest to their members.  Value added sponsors can partner with individual Communities of Practice to bring more to what each can accomplish.  Grassroots at its heart, each CoP grows its unique imprint with its individual voice.  Collectively, all of these focused communities are building the greater solutions for Carpool Health.

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Social Media

Carpool Health uses social media to connect everyone in healthcare:  physicians, nurses, provider, patients, caregivers, systems, services.  We have ongoing conversations across the wide spectrum of health as it affects people today.  We find solutions.  We build community.  Join us in our ongoing conversations as we discover the true way to bring about change in healthcare:  together, in trusted conversations, with everyone at the table.  We discuss the tough topics, the deeply person, the latest solutions- and then we make them better, more meaningful and richer by the quality of the people, relationships and conversations we have.

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Medical Experts

Our teams of medical experts, patient advocates, nurses answering FAQ’s, healthcare leaders- you can turn to Carpool Health for trusted information, engaging community and recommended resources.  Prestigious experts in every field contribute articles, create video, interact with patient and caregivers, and are available for speaking, leadership and media.  Representing every corner of the globe, each expert brings his or her own perspective and qualities to any endeavor.  Only through the highest caliber medical leadership is Carpool Health building to be a collective leader in the world of healthcare.

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Change Agents

Carpool Health is a project of Life Guide Institute which has hundreds of experts in every area of health + design:   marketing, technology, physician leadership, security, research, patient advocacy, communications, social media. We help those in healthcare and health related industries connect directly with patients and caregivers. We give voice to the stories that matter. Technology is a tool. Health communications are global, but healthcare is delivered locally. By creating and connecting with communities we bring personal relevancy back to the most personal of practices: healthcare.

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